Riess Waterkettles

Riess: “Products made from natural raw materials, climate-neutral hand-made in a regional family business, that's what we stand for.” The manufactory is powered by green electricity from the hydropower plants on the Ybbs, which have been generating electricity since 1926, so that production is CO2-neutral. The waste heat from the kiln is used to dry the products and heat the production hall in an energy-efficient manner.

When selecting raw material suppliers, in addition to quality and sustainable production, short transport routes and environmentally friendly means of transport such as rail and ship are taken into account. This strengthens the region and protects the environment.

Enameled products consist of iron, which is melted at 850 ° C with silicate glass (enamel). Only natural "mineral sources" such as iron, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda and potash as well as the smallest amounts of metal oxides are used in the production. There are no artificial elements, which is why enamel is 100% recyclable in scrap. The baking process creates the wonderfully bright colors of the glaze as well as the hard, non-porous and scratch and cut-resistant surface.