Green Tea Aromatised

Pure green tea is often used a part of a healthy diet. A lot of people like green tea as pure as it gets. We offer a range of products that consist of the pure teal eaf. However many people do prefer their green tea with some added flavor. If you like some extra taste as well, find out if one of our teas on offer with mostly green Sencha tea as a base with one or more nice aromas added is more to your taste. Some teas have added freshness others offer you a kick or some give a nice sweetness. You may want to try them as iced tea. The base for our selected green tea blends is always a good quality green tea, often of Chinese Origin.
Can we seduce you to try some of our tasty flavored tea's?

BIO Green Tea Jasmin 100 Gram NL-BIO-01
A nice "flower" tea. With a bright color in the cup and a fruity & spicy scent this delicious tea is great with meals or as a thirst quencher . Depending on the water quality you can make a brew multi
€ 6,60 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea (Half fermented) Royal Star Peach 100 Gram
A blend of Sencha- and Oolong supports this taste experience. Exotic fruit extracts along with a creamy vanilla flavor provide an extremely intense aroma and flavor. The color of black currants, corn
€ 4,40 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea and White Tea Angelkiss Maracuja 100 Gram
You must try this tea. A light blend of high-quality green tea as the basis. Added the aroma of passion fruit, pineapple and strawberries and rose petals. This tea is also delicious as iced tea.
€ 4,45 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea and White Tea Macabeo, Citrus, Jasmin tea 100 Gram
A green tea full of temptation. Finest green and white tea enchant the eye and the palate. Green, large, silver and fluffy leaves with tips supplemented with rose buds, mallow blossoms. A taste sensat
€ 4,85 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Cactus 100 Gram
A tea with a surprising element. The cactus blossom gives it a slightly sweet but fresh taste. Also delicious as iced tea. ingredients: Green Sencha tea, cactus blossom, aroma
€ 4,10 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green tea Sencha Cappuccino-Caramel 100 Gram
Green tea Sencha Cappuccino-Caramel 100 Gram. A surprising flavored green tea with the added coffee beans. This gives this mild green tea a characteristic, creamy caramel-coffee flavor
€ 2,75 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Chai 100 gram
For a relaxing and uplifting time. Makes you feel warm and cosy.
€ 3,95 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Fairytale forrest with Almonds 100 Gram
This blend of Sencha with green Mate is a surprise. It not only looks good, it also tastes good. A scent of Schwarxwälder Kirsch, refined with some sweet almonds makes this a highly demanded product.
€ 3,35 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Ginger 100 Gram
Green tea from China and Ceylon. A new combination! The dominance of the spicy yet delicate taste that brings in the Bancha, make this blend into a popular beverage. Besides the intense light crisp fl
€ 3,25 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Kombucha (Plum) 100 Gram
The Kombucha mushroom is ascribed to have healthful properties. In this tea an extract is incorporated in powder form, which mixes when making the tea. This tea has a flavor of plums and cherries
€ 3,85 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Lime & Lemon 100 Gram
The aroma of freshly brewed green tea and fresh lemon complement each other well. Hot or cold, this tea for many years has won large numbers of fans. A true classic.
€ 4,60 *
(Price per 100 grams)
Green Tea Sencha Orange & Maracuja 100 Gram
he appearance of this tea is reminiscent of a bright summer day. The bright red Papayas-pieces against the soft green background of tea. The slightly bitter green tea flavor, supported by lemongrass p
€ 3,60 *
(Price per 100 grams)