C A N C E L L A T I O N   O F   O R D E R S 
FOR HotTeapots.com, Doetinchem - Netherlands

Cancellation notice:

You can cancel your order within 14 days in Text (for example: letter, fax, email) or if you already received the goods within this period, by returning the goods. The 14 day period starts as soon as you have received this notice, but not before the goods have arrived at the address of the recipient and not before we have met our legal obligations to inform you (completing the checkbox during check out fulfills this requirement). To demonstrate that the cancellation is on time sending the cancelletion notice or the goods received within the 14 day period is sufficient. The cancellation is to be send to: HotTeapots.com , Terborgseweg 37, 7001 GM Doetinchem, Netherlande, Telefax: 0031-842283199, E-Mail: sales@hotteapots.com. Please note we will only reimburse the most economical shipping option. To avoid additional cost, we recommend that you always contact us before returning any goods, as we may have more economical options available for shipping.

Cancellation effects:

If the cancellation is correct we will reimburse any funds paid. If you cannot in whole return the products in the condition you received it, then you will have to compensate us for the loss of the value of the goods. This also applies if the goods are not packaged properly. Exception to this rules applies insofer the reduction in value is only the result of inspection of the goods comparable to the inspection a consumer can make in a store. You can avoid having to pay for loss of value by not using the product and do nothing that reduces the value (please retain original packaging). Goods that can be shipped will be send at our risk (if we can decide on the method of shipping). You will have to pay the cost of returning the goods if the total amount for the goods that are to be returned is less then (the equivalent of) 40 Euro or if the cost of the goods returned is more and the goods have not been paid for in whole or in part. In all other cases the cost of returning the goods is free for the customer. For goods send outside the EU the customer pays for cost of returning the goods. If goods are not according to specifications or damaged in transit we will determine the course of action, as a rule we replace the product or if that is not possible we will issue a refund. We will determine whether or not such goods need to be returned. Refunds will be processed within 30 days, this term starts upon our receipt of the goods.

- End of cancellation notice -

Exclusions from cancellation

Cancellation is

1. invalid for goods that we made on customer specification or for goods that clearly have been adjuste to specific customer needs or for goods that by their nature are unsuitable for returning or that are past their sell by or use by date.  For the avoidance of doubt, loose leaf tea or tisanes that are packaged for you are excluded from cancellation.