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Cosy ceramic replacement teapot white

Cosy ceramic replacement teapot white Article ID: 13219

Did you break your ceramic Cosy teapot, but is your mantel still perfect, then you will need one of these replacement teapots.

Weight: 1900 g

39,00 EUR
incl. VAT 21% plus shipping

Price per: 1 piece / 39,00 EUR



Cosy® ceramic teapot REPLACEMENT for use with stainless steel jacket, with replaceable tea filter.
Colour: White

How do I determine which replacement teapot is the right one for my cover? You can determime the content of the teapot as follows::

  1. You can measure the height of the cover from bottom to the top (including the knob).
  2. You can measure the outer diameter of the bottom cover accross the cover  (diagonal arrow in the picture below)
  3. You can measure the diameter accross the cutout for the handle and the spout.  (white/vertical arrow in the picture below).
Content of the teapot
Measurement 1Measurement 2Measurement  3
0,5 Liter    15,0 Cm11,5 Cm10,3 Cm
0,9 Liter16,5 Cm    13,5 Cm     12,5 Cm
1,3 Liter18,0 Cm15,5 Cm14,8 Cm







Bredemeijer Cosy replacement teapot

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