Good espresso does not have to come from Italy but is just produced in the Netherlands. Like other fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, you will find the best quality coffee close. Fresh bread you pick up at the bakery (our neighbor), the coffee you pick up at 

Brandmeester's [Premium Roasted Coffee]:
 is burned by 'single origin' daily; any type of coffeebean in its own way and with his own burning profile, slowly, in small quantities and air-cooled, without using water. The espresso blends are made ​​after burning. In the color palette of each blend you recognize the dedication of Brandmeester's for the very best from each of specialty coffee to get a top class coffee with more character, complexity and nuanc. We we deliver espresso blends: Aficionado (the darkest), Segundo (mild), Sodade (also for the fully automatic) and Equîto (an organic espresso)

Coffee from Hofleverancier De Pelikaan Zutphen! In the field of coffee, they try to deliver a product that meets the highest quality requirements. The coffee is delivered raw from the country of origin and then processed by De Peilkaan. Some types of coffee are blended, others are pure roasted. The coffee is roasted in the own coffee roasting factory, where the professional still determines the roasting process. Every kind of coffee is roasted in such a way that taste and smell come to the fore optimally. As true professionals, we can now offer you these high-quality coffee qualities.



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