Dilmah tradition: Dilmah respects the traditional way of producing tea through the generations. And ensures that this tradition is protected and preserved. In this way, the tea industry in Sri Lanka can continue to develop and you can enjoy real, pure Ceylon tea for a long time.

Always unmixed: Purity and honesty are of paramount importance to Dilmah. The real tea connoisseur soon realizes that this is about quality and authenticity. Mixed tea is cheaper but of a lower quality. Dilmah only offers pure, undiluted teas.

Dilmah distinguishes three types of tea production:
  • "Single origin": tea from one country (Sri Lanka).
  • "Single region": tea from a single region.
  • "Single estate": tea from a single plantation.
Just as with wine, the place where the tea plant grows influences the taste. The stronger that place is concentrated - such as with "single estate" - the more characteristic the taste is. With mixed tea (often from more than ten different countries) that characteristic taste is completely lost. Dilmah makes sure that all her tea is in any case "single origin" from the same country.

Socially responsible tea: Dilmah strives for honesty in the tea trade and also allows employees and their families to profit from the success. Through the specially established MJF Foundation, a large part of the company's profits are invested in projects for the well-being of the Sri Lankan people. Such as improving schools and hospitals and supporting less fortunate women, orphans and fishing families (see www.mjffoundation.org).

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  • check Carefully packed, shipped swiftly
  • check Everything for a nice cup of tea.
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  • check Carefully packed, shipped swiftly
  • check Everything for a nice cup of tea.
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About Dilmah: Dilmah stands for 100% pure Ceylon tea of ​​the highest quality. That means freshly packaged and unmixed. A tea for true tea lovers, lovingly produced by experts. "This is no ordinary tea" is Dilmah's motto. And that is true. Dilmah tea is so pure and refined. You have to taste, smell, feel and experience that.
Family business: Dilmah tea is the life's work of Merrill J. Fernando, one of the most experienced tea tasters in the world. The family business Dilmah owns the best tea plantations in Sri Lanka and has the production process in its own hands. The tea is packed on site - and that is unique! - in foil bags, which guarantees freshness. There are no intermediaries involved in the trade, which benefits freshness and price. Merrill Fernando is assisted by his sons Dilhan and Malik (Dilmah is a contraction of their two names) and a team of driven experts, who carefully control every step of the production process right up to export.

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